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  • SIEMENS PICKUP WINDOW 12 16MM  00322753-S04
  • SIEMENS PICKUP WINDOW 12 16MM  00322753-S04


Lead time: 1-3 days
Shipping ways: DHL,FedEx,TNT,UPS,EMS,by SEA
Payment methods: Wire transfer,PayPal,Credit card,MoneyGram,West Union
Warranty: 1-6 months, accordingly



Parts Number




Lead time

1-3 days after payment

Payment term

T/T, LC,DDP,PayPal, MoneyGram


By Air( DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT,EM

00142325S02 Bulk-Case BE-Zufuehrung 0805/085
00142326S02 Bulk-Case BE-Zufuehrung 0805/125
00142327S02 Bulk-Case BE-Zufuehrung Micro-Melf
00142328S02 Bulk-Case BE-Zufuehrung Mini-Melf
00142330-01 BC Luftverteiler fahrbarer WT S/F
00142911-01 BE-Magazin mod.spez. SOT 223
00142968-01 *ERSATZ=00316400 BE-Magazin, mod.spez.f
00142971-01 Magazin 16,5mm Mod.spez. PLCC 32 R
00142973-01 Mod.spez.BE.Magazin f.PLCC 52
00142977-01 Mod.spez.BE-Magazin B=8,5/H=3,8/L=12
00143017-01 Mag.f.0402: 0,35 - 0,5 dick(Bulk-Case)
00143021-02 Mag.f.1206: 0,85 (Bulk-Case)
00143022-02 Mag.f. 1206: 1,3 (Bulk-Case)
00143025-02 Mag.f.Mikro - Melf (Bulk-Case)
00166496-01 LP Unterstützung für LBO
00169573-01 Upgrade SIPLACE Traceability V2.0
00169590-02 MS SQL Server2000 Processor FullUse(ISV)
00169593-01 Upgrade Paket  SIPLACE Explorer(V2.4)
00169611-02 Upgrade MS SQL2005 ProcessorFullUse(ISV)
00169616-02 Upgrade MS SQL2005 ProcessorRuntime(ISV)
00171092-02 Zusatzpaket für SIPLACE F5 HM
00171096-01 Ersatzteilpaket für SIPLACE F5 HM
00171097-01 ETP SIPLACE HF-Serie
00171100-01 Ersatzteilpaket SIPLACE S-27 HM
00171101-01 Ersatzteilpaket SIPLACE HS-60
00171140-01 Ersatzteilpaket C-Serie
00176028-01 Gurtleitkanal f. 1JTF / S27HM
00176055-01 X-Feeder Regalbox
00200034-04 Signalentkopplungseinheit
00200078-02 Messerlager rechts
00200079-02 Messerlager links
00200177-02 Stange, Sechskant-
00200178-01 Bolzen
00200181-01 Bolzen
00200182-03 Motorhalter
00200183-01 Scheibe
00200185-02 Flansch
00200186-02 Halter
00200191-02 Synchronscheibe Al 8 T2,5/25-0 n.Zchng.
00200192S02 Synchronscheibe Al 13,5 T5/13-0 n.Zchng
00200193-02 Synchronscheibe St 24 T5/13-0 n.Zchng.
00200194-01 Synchronscheibe Al 13 T5/13-0 n.Zchng.
00200195-01 Scheibe
00200196-02 Zahnriemen Brecoflex 13T5/1105
00200198-01 DU-Scheibe

Why Choose us?

Ever Since the first day of establishment, Qinyi Electronics has play the role of SMT industrial solution provider, it serve customer from domestic and oversea, with good quality production and service, with its commitment to"Product, honesty, Speed", now Qinyi Electronics has own its credit and satisfaction from customers, and which is most treasured, and also what is our seeking for.

Here is what Qinyi can do for you:

1. Qinyi Electronics Has stocks of feeders, nozzles, motors, servo, filters....etc.  For

The well-known brand like JUKI, Yamaha, Samsung, Siemens, Sanyo, Assembleon, Sony, FUJI, I-pulse..., we support the original new &refurbished parts, and at the same time, we also support the OEM parts with competitive price with good quality. You need any spare? Just let us know the parts number! 
2. Qinyi support repair service for PCB, motor, servo, valve ....etc., we do that to save your cost! 
3. Buy and sell surplus SMT equipment, if you need any equipment, or need to sell your surplus equipment, just draw us an e-mail or call us now! 
4. Software, including programing, Optimization...., much lower price than from Agent! You can try!