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  • SIEMENS PICK UP WINDOW 24 32mm 00323208S04
  • SIEMENS PICK UP WINDOW 24 32mm 00323208S04

SIEMENS PICK UP WINDOW 24 32mm 00323208S04

Lead time: 1-3 days
Shipping ways: DHL,FedEx,TNT,UPS,EMS,by SEA
Payment methods: Wire transfer,PayPal,Credit card,MoneyGram,West Union
Warranty: 1-6 months, accordingly


SIEMENS PICK UP WINDOW 24 32mm 00323208S04

Parts Number




Lead time

1-3 days after payment

Payment term

T/T,Western Union ,PayPal,


By Air( DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT,EMS..)

Part list:

00315975-04 Stromversorgung
00315977-01 Schutzschlauch Expando 1,60m Stueck
00315989-02 BE-Magazin lang  B6/H11,4/EL25
00315991-01 BE-Magazin lang B8,5/H11,4/EL30
00315996-01 Kammfuehrung kpl. mit Lager (Pos.18)
00315997-01 Kammfuehrung kpl. mit Lager (Pos.19)
00315998-01 Kammfuehrung kpl. mit Lager (Pos.20)
00316008-01 Niederhalter
00316017-02 Fuehrungsleiste (73mm), rechts
00316018-02 Fuehrungsleiste (73mm), links
00316019-01 Fuehrungsleiste (36mm), b
00316020-01 Fuehrungsleiste (36mm), f
00316021-01 Fuehrungsleiste (215mm), f
00316022-01 Fuehrungsleiste (215mm), b
00316032-01 Riemenumlenkung: fm
00316033-01 Riemenumlenkung:  bm
00316035-01 Riemenumlenkung:  b
00316039-01 BE-Magazin B9,5/H3,5/LE15
00316041-02 BE-Magazin B5,5/H4,5/LE10
00316042-02 BE-Magazin B8/H4,5/LE19
00316055-01 Sechsfachschlauch PK-3 schwarz, 4m St.
00316081-03 Eichteil Vision, Vers.II
00316099-01 3/2 Wegeventil, Sonderausf., m. Kabel
00316141S02 Pneumatikblock G1/G2
00316187-01 Schwenktuere 1
00316190-01 Schwenktuere 2
00316196-01 Steuerkabel fuer 19*25 BE-Optik
00316265S05 Kommunikationseinheit 80
00316289-01 Abstandsbolzen M3*30 i/i Rd6 St verz
00316293-01 Scheibe
00316299-01 V24-Schnittstellenkabel (MC1 - Icos2)
00316304-01 Zugfeder f. Schneideinrichtung
00316315S02 Motor / Inkrementalgeber z-Achse 30ml
00316329-01 Lampe 12V/5W Halogen
00316330-01 Autoleuchte Copilot M 12V/5W
00316331-01 Stecker-Netzgeraet f. Halogenl.
00316400-02 BE-Magazin  lang PLCC20 Sockel
00316414-03 Daempfung Y-Achse
00316440-01 Einschaltstrombegrenzer 3-polig 400V
00316488-02 Filter-Einheit
00316491-01 Magnetventil 3/2 M5 NW1,1 ohne Stecker
00316553-01 Ersatzteilepaket LP-Transp. Mitte gr.LA1
00316563-02 Pipette SOKO 4xx 13x6Di2
00316577-03 Messer
00316584-01 Haltewinkel F. SCHNEIDGERAET
00316585-01 Haltewinkel
00316588-02 Platte
00316590-02 LP-Abdeckung
00316593-01 Magnet
00316601-03 Steuerplatine Gurtschneider SIPLACE

Why Choose us?

Ever Since the first day of establishment, Qinyi Electronics has play the role of SMT industrial solution provider, it serve customer from domestic and oversea, with good quality production and service, with its commitment to"Product, honesty, Speed", now Qinyi Electronics has own its credit and satisfaction from customers, and which is most treasured, and also what is our seeking for.

Here is what Qinyi can do for you:

1. Qinyi Electronics Has stocks of feeders, nozzles, motors, servo, filters....etc.  ForThe well-known brand like JUKI, Yamaha, Samsung, Siemens, Sanyo, Assembleon, Sony, FUJI, I-pulse..., we support the original new &refurbished parts, and at the same time, we also support the OEM parts with competitive price with good quality. You need any spare? Just let us know the parts number!

2. Qinyi support repair service for PCB, motor, servo, valve ....etc., we do that to save your cost! 
3. Buy and sell surplus SMT equipment, if you need any equipment, or need to sell your surplus equipment, just draw us an e-mail or call us now! 
4. Software, including programing, Optimization...., much lower price than from Agent! You can try!

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